• Viet Tran
  • Institute of Informatics SAS
  • Slovakia

FedCloud client

The FedCloud client is a high-level Python package for a command-line client designed for interaction with the OpenStack services in the EGI infrastructure. The client can access various EGI services and can perform many tasks for users including managing access tokens, listing services, and mainly execute commands on OpenStack sites in EGI infrastructure.

The source codes of the client is publicly available on GitHub, with contributions from different authors.

The most notable features of FedCloud client are following:

  • * Rich functionalities: have wide ranges of useful commands, including checking access token, searching for services, listing sites and VOs, and interaction with OpenStack sites.

  • * Simple usages: can perform any OpenStack command on any sites with only three parameters: the site, the VO and the command. For example, to list virtual machines (VM) images available to members of vo.access.egi.eu VO on the IISAS-FedCloud site, run the following command:
$ fedcloud openstack image list --vo vo.access.egi.eu --site IISAS-FedCloud
  • * Federation-wide: Single client for all OpenStack sites and related services of EGI Cloud infrastructure. Single command may perform an action on all sites by specifying --site ALL_SITES.

The full documentation of FedCloud client is available at https://fedcloudclient.fedcloud.eu/. Demonstration videos are available at FedCloud YouTube channel.